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The real enemy of our oceans

The Ocean Cleanup confirms the biggest conspiration the ocean is currently facing. In the documentary “Seaspiracy” (available on Netflix), we discovered that the guilt put on individuals’ plastic use to be the main reason for ocean pollution hides an economic conflict of interest. An argument reinforced with the ocean’s cleanup statement that 75% to 86% of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch can be attributed to offshore fishing and aquaculture activities.
Odile Joblin
07 December 2022

Yes, reducing the use of plastic packaging will positively impact the environment. Yet, the main enemy of oceans and their ecosystems appears to be the fishing industry and the unimaginable quantity of fishing nets ending up at the bottom of the oceans, in the food chain of maritime animals, and ultimately in ours. Not to mention the intensive fishing and the side catches of endangered species.  

Ongoing debate exists as to what sustainable fishing is and how to implement it. If it is left to the fishing industry to explore these paths, it remains to the rest of society, to us, to not be a part of this problem. 

A way to do so is by paying attention to business partners and their sources of funding. It could be that an organization that seems completely detached from the issue is obliged to take position in favor of intensive fishing because it relies on this industry economically. Detecting those threads and boycotting them is a first step towards a cleaner ocean.