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Three good news for the planet in 2022

If 2022 can be thought of as a year of climate breakdown because of stark increases in natural disasters and weather alterations, the past year has also brought us some positive climate news. Something to give us a little hope for future. This article wraps up 2022 with three climate-positive pieces of information!
Odile Joblin
03 January 2023
Ozone hole 2022
Size and shape of the ozone hole over the South Pole on Oct. 5, 2022.
Credits: NASA Earth Observatory image by Joshua Stevens

The hole in the ozone layer continued to shrink in 2022

A shrinking in the ozone hole above antarctica has been measured over the last decades by NASA and NOAA satellite instruments. 

The depletion in the ozone layer is the result of human activity and compounds released in the air, creating reactions on high altitude polar clouds, and ultimately impacting the stratosphere.  

The progress made towards the recovery of the hole can be attributed to the Montreal Protocol, a multilateral environmental agreement that regulates ozone depleting substances. If these efforts are maintained, the hole could disappear by 2070.

Ozone hole 2022
Size and shape of the ozone hole over the South Pole on Oct. 5, 2022.
Credits: NASA Earth Observatory image by Joshua Stevens

The comeback of some endangered species

According to WWF, eight endangered species are making their comeback as a positive result of ecosystem restoration efforts and environmental regulations and commitments. Recovering species is essential for effective wildlife conservation, says WWF.

Amongst these returns, we have:

  • Humpback whales
    Due to whale regulations, researchers estimate around 25,000 humpback whales today.
  • Tigers
    Nepal’s commitment to tiger conservation has resulted in a historic 190% increase in its tiger population to 355 confirmed individuals.
  • Ferrets, rhinos, gorillas, leopards, and foxes have also seen their numbers increased!

pexels blue ox studio 982240

The breakthrough towards nuclear fusion

In California, US, researchers have reportedly made a breakthrough towards energy that is “near-limitless, safe, and clean”. This successful nuclear energy trial demonstrated an energy gain, where more energy was released than put in. It’s the first time humankind has achieved this landmark.

This experiment is proof that nuclear fusion is possible. Yet, transforming this energy gain into power production requires a lot of additional research and work.

pexels markus distelrath 3044470

These examples are obviously no match for all the social and environmental disasters that are taking place. But they illustrate how regulations, political positions, changes in mentalities, and responsible business ethics have an impact. These examples simply carry a message: that of hope.