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Online training

A training that guides you through the different stages of designing a Corporate Sustainability strategy.

The training will consist of a series of explanatory videos and will be divided into modules covering the different aspects of your CSR strategy:

  • DIAGNOSING your business

  • PRIORITIZING your sustainability issues

  • DEVELOPING a sustainability strategy, and

  • COMMUNICATING your strategy and progress.

The course will also explore some INTERNATIONAL CSR and reporting FRAMEWORKS including the Global Reporting Index, the Sustainable Development Goals and more.

At the end of this training, you will be able to embark on the design of your CSR strategy and will have a global understanding of this concept and its applications.

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Personalized advice

Advice’s vision articulates PEOPLE, PLANET AND PROFIT, according to the logic of the triple bottom line. It's about balance and finding the sweet spot between these 3 Ps.

The advice given to projects or companies is tailor-made and strictly adheres to the legislative, societal, environmental, and social contexts in which they operate.

This service can cover the stages of development of your corporate sustainability:

  • DIAGNOSING what your company already does in terms of sustainability

  • PRIORITIZING social and environmental impacts according to your company and your stakeholders

  • STRATEGIZING these objectives into a performant action plan

  • COMMUNICATING these milestones in a transparent, coherent, and impactful way

  • Obtaining LABELS and certifications adapted to your sector and your location.

This service is possible both in ENGLISH and in FRENCH.


“Great things are done by a series of small things that are brought together”

Vincent Van Gogh
  • Series of interactive workshops covering the stages of a corporate sustainability: From defining the priorities to transforming them into action and evaluating them.

  • Conceptualizing corporate sustainability: what is it and why is it important?

  • Assessing your materialities in an interactive way

  • The art of communicating your corporate sustainability in a transparent, coherent, and impactful way

  • How involved should be your stakeholders? The importance of stakeholder engagement in the assessment of your sustainability priorities

  • And more to come…

Workshops can be adapted to the specific needs of your project or company.
This service is possible both in ENGLISH and in FRENCH.